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Laughing Gas

Nitrous Oxide, N2O, also called laughing gas, is a colorless gas with pleasant, sweet smell. 


The gas is administered with a comfortable mask placed over the nose.  When inhaled it produces reduction in pain and anxiety.  Best of all it only lingers for a few minutes after sedation is complete and then mostly dissipates.  After this the patient can almost always leave the office by themselves, without an escort.

Nitrous oxide has few side effects and is one of the safest sedation methods available anywhere.

As a precaution, patients should not eat anything for about two hours prior to use of the gas.



Intravenous Sedation

Our office offers our patients the option of Intravenous Sedation, or "IV Sedation", which helps you to be comfortable and calm when undergoing dental procedures.  It helps to reduce pain and anxiety and also helps you to not remember those procedures that you might be fearful of.  You may not be fully asleep but you will be comfortable, calm and relaxed.

How is the IV Sedation Administered?

A thin needle will be introduced into a vein in your arm or hand. The needle will be attached to an intravenous tube through which medication will be given to help you relax and feel comfortable.  At any time an antidote can be administered to reverse the effects of the medications if necessary. 


IV sedation is very safe!

Sedation Dentistry for the Fearful

Dental phobia is a real, often overwhelming reality for thousands of people. Negative previous dental experiences, fear of needles in the mouth or drills, and severe gag refluxes are just some of the reasons people feel extreme anxiety when thinking about visiting the dentist.

If you suffer from dental phobia- fear no more!  At our office, we are committed to understanding the very real nature of your fears. Not only will our staff treat you with delicacy and care, but IV sedation or Nitrous Oxide Sedation will allow you to experience dentistry in a whole new way. While engaging in a pleasant sleep-like experience, We will be hard at work making sure you “wake up” with the results you desire.

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